3 Wedding Dance Tips for the Big Day

Newlyweds dancing

Are you nervous about the first dance?

We may not have a solution for the butterflies in your stomach and cold feet. But we know the next best thing—an arsenal of wedding dance tips for the big day. After teaching countless couples to waltz, foxtrot, and groove, we have picked up a few tips and tricks to handle missteps during the main event.

Here are few things to consider:

1. The KISS

The KISS is code for keeping things short and sweet when you step on the dance floor.  We recommend a two to three-minute dance routine instead of full five minutes of swaying. Even the best performers cannot keep the audience entertained if the song is too long.

The shorter routine keeps guests engaged and reduces the risks of mistakes. Otherwise, you set yourself for embarrassment when a dance number drags on forever.

Pro-tip: Make sure your live band or DJ knows that you will perform on a shorter version of the track.

2. Break in Your Wedding Shoes

.High heels and dress shoes can be bothersome during the first dance. It’s especially true if your choreography includes lots of twists, turns, and lifts. If these shoes are brand new, you need to break them in before hitting the dance floor.

Now, dress rehearsals are not necessarily a part of ballroom dance classes for weddings. Yet, we do recommend practicing the routine in your wedding shoes. Wearing your shoes a couple of times during practice make you feel more prepared for the final performance. When you get used to your shoes, you are less likely to trip over or slip during tricky steps.

Pro-tip: Brides can switch to ballet flats/or kitten heels for their reception if dancing in high heels seems too challenging.

3. Keep Calm and Dance On

‘The show must go on’’

It’s a popular phrase spoken by theatre performers and it stands true for your first dance too. One of the most important wedding dance tips is staying calm and collected on the dance floor. Even if choreographed routines, you might miss a step or forget some part of the song.

The good news is that your wedding guests don’t know what your routine looks like. So there’s no harm in dabbling with some improv moves. As long as you and your partner are communicating, nobody needs to know that you messed up. All you have to do is continue dancing and keep smiling even if you are winging it.

Final Words

Lastly, attending ballroom dance classes would certainly ensure that everything goes smoothly. We can teach you everything from basics to well-choreographed numbers depending on your needs. Additionally, we ensure that you are ready to wow your guests when the music begins. Our instructions combined with the wedding dance tips we shared will lead to a spectacular performance on your big day.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dance!

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