Wedding Dance Tips: How to Waltz?

An Asian couple waltzing in a ballroom dance class

Are ballroom dancing skills confined to prom-style swaying?

It’s not uncommon for couples to never consider ballroom dancing before the big day. Even wedding guests break a sweat when they think about slow dancing in the reception. Taking a ballroom dance class can prove beneficial.

Fortunately, learning how to waltz is deceptively simple. All you need is practice and the ability to move according to the ¾ rhythm gracefully. We have rounded up a few tips to get you started.

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It Takes Two to Waltz

For the most part, learning how to waltz is not only about memorizing the routine or leading. Avoid dragging your partner around the dance floor. The key lies in synchronized movements and harmony. When your partner steps back, you should move forward.

Support your partner’s movements by taking deliberate steps. If you do it correctly, the space between you and your partner will open and close as you transition into the next step.

Get the Posture Right

Like every other dance style, waltz requires a poised posture. It can be challenging to maintain when you spend most of your day slouched in a chair. That is why you should focus on your physique before you hit the dance floor.

Start by developing a workout routine that improves flexibility, stamina, and core muscle strength. Practicing the waltz itself can help you achieve these fitness goals. In that way, these activities are mutually beneficial for your physical health and dance performance.

Mastering Waltz Movements

Partners have to maintain the one-two-three rhythm while waltzing. It is easier said than done when it’s your first ballroom dance class. Observe your instructor when they perform and take note of how they move.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Keep your wrists straight and your right arm taut when you waltz.
  • Take big steps as you move back and forth.
  • Your movements should branch out from the center of your body.

The odds are that you will forget to hold your position midway. You will eventually get the hang of things when you keep practicing.

In a Nutshell

Learning how to waltz can be beneficial for everyone. The graceful dance style improves your posture and physical wellbeing. It’s also an excellent confidence booster for many people.

Most importantly, you get to flaunt your dance moves at the next social event. If you’ve got a significant other, waltzing can bring you closer in more ways than once.

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