Top 3 Wedding Dance Mistakes to Avoid

image of a bride and groom dancing

Are you dealing with pre-wedding jitters? Has the first dance got something to do with this anxiety?

Many engaged couples get cold feet on the dance floor. It is understandable considering the high expectations your set for yourself. Also, many brides want to fulfill their fairytale fantasies on the big day.

Unfortunately, wedding dance mistakes are far too common. Lack of practice and nervousness often leads to embarrassing moments.

The good news is that we are here to lend a hand.

Starting with listing common wedding dance mistakes to avoid:

Stop Looking at the Floor

Nervous performers often look at their feet instead of their partner. You might be afraid of stepping on each other’s shoes. Or worry about missing a step in front of everyone. Either way, it is a dead giveaway that you are feeling uncomfortable.

Even if dancing is not your forte, don’t succumb to your fear. The odds are that your partner feels jittery too.  Support each other and smile throughout the performance. Your loving glances and happy faces can help you make the most of this moment.

Pro-tip: Ballroom dance classes can boost your confidence.

Avoid an Extended Dance Performance

The wedding dance might be the highlight of your reception, but it is not the only part. It is wise to stick to a short and sweet dance routine. Anything between 2 ½ to 3 minutes will suffice.

The tight timeframe keeps the choreography interesting and fun despite your limited dance skills. Plus, your guests are less likely to get bored during the performance. If the selected song is too long, you can even ask the bridal party to join you afterward.

Don’t Do the ‘Dirty Dancing’ Move

You’re not the first, nor the last couple to consider the infamous Patrick Swayze move for your wedding dance. The only trouble is that those lifts can turn into an accident if you are not careful.

One has to receive proper training and the flexibility to pull it off.  Even then, the wedding dress can come in the way, or one of you gets the timing wrong. The bottom line is that there are lots of variables that make this dance risky.

Therefore, we recommend all non-dancers to train and practice for weeks instead of making this first dance mistake.  With the right ballroom dance lessons, we can create a routine that’s not only impressive but safe too.

Final Words

In the end, if you want to avoid these wedding dance mistakes, you should enroll in a ballroom dance class. With private coaching, you can make this moment more special. The right instructor can teach you how to go beyond that prom night sway and awkward lifts.

Are you ready to dance? Waltz into our Dance Studio in NJ today!

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