Should You Perform a Choreographed Wedding Dance?

A couple performing a wedding dance

Is wedding dance choreography worth it?

Many bride-and-groom-to-be consider this when the wedding preps begin. Each couple has a different reason for taking ballroom dance lessons. Some want to boost their confidence. Others appreciate the professional advice offered.

Or, maybe you want to go all out with an elaborately choreographed routine.

No matter what the reason is, heading to the dance studio is a good start. If you still have doubts, we can nudge in the right direction.

Here are some of the reasons why you should perform a choreographed number:

Stay Coordinated

Couples that take the DIY-route often find themselves mix and matching moves. Dancing without choreography makes it impossible for you to stay in sync. The result can be awkward and messy, if you are not a good dancer.

You can leave uncertainty out of your performance with wedding dance choreography. Having a proper routine allows you to match each other’s steps. You are also less likely to falter and more aware of what you have to do.

Lead with Confidence

Practice makes perfect.

We have all heard this one before. Attending ballroom dance lessons allows you to master your movements and improve your dancing skills. You also learn how to maintain an upright and confident posture throughout the performance.

For the bride and groom, wedding dance choreography adds an extra spark in the movements. They have more certainty and assurance that nothing will go wrong.

A Memorable Performance

Personalization is the biggest advantage of wedding dance choreography. With this format, you can turn your vision into a real performance. The right instructor can teach you how to tell your love story through choreographed dancing.

You can also use ballroom dance lessons to play to your strengths. Ask the dance coach to teach you easy wedding dance routines and manageable movements. With their assistance, you can step on the dance floor more confidently.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the first dance is a significant part of your wedding experience. Put your best step forward to make this moment worthwhile. Choose wedding dance choreography that allows you to have fun as you perform a well-practiced routine. It also minimizes the risk of common wedding dance blunders.

These benefits surpass any reservations you may have about ballroom dance lessons.

So what are you waiting for? Give wedding dance choreography a shot with our ballroom dance classes. Contact us today to book a lesson.

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