Ask an Expert: Wedding Dance Basics Explained

Bride being dipped by the groom during the first dance

Are you planning your Wedding Dance?
As the big day approaches, you should start thinking about the first dance routine. There are endless ideas out there, waiting for you to make a claim. The first rule is to choose something that captures your love story and personalities.
Whether you go for a romantic Waltz or an upbeat Salsa number, your happiness matters the most. Plus, despite dance styles, some wedding dance basics remain a fixture. That is why consulting an expert ensures that things go smoothly.

Here are the top three things wedding dance instructors want you to know:

The Music

The choice of music often seals the fate. Some songs are ideal for a Waltz routine, while others work well for a Foxtrot. You can also opt for a contemporary ballroom dance performance by coordinating with a wedding dance instructor.
Whatever you choose, make sure that the music and lyrics feel right. Consider choosing a meaningful track that reminds you of your romance. You can also opt for something more trendy, depending on your music choices.
If you are taking wedding dance classes, make sure to have a copy of the rehearsal song. The wrong arrangement or tempo could make you forget your steps if you are not careful. It would be better to request your live band to play the same variation or play a recorded track for the first dance.

The Dance

The first dance is all about the couple. Traditional waltz symbolizes your everlasting love and trust. Use this intimate moment to express yourself through gestures and movement.
If you are nervous about the big dance routine, you can enroll in wedding dance lessons. Dance coaches will help you shake off those pre-dance jitters. We can also help you boost your confidence and learn the wedding dance basics with ease.
Moreover, if you want a customized choreography, then we can prepare a personalized routine. Many couples desire to entertain their guests with elaborate choreography. Others prefer easy routines that they can master within weeks.
No matter what you want, our experienced wedding dance instructors can lead the way.

The Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to dancing. With so many people watching, you can’t miss a step. Regular practice is the key to perfecting your routine.
We recommend registering for your wedding dance lessons for at least a month before the big day. If you want something challenging, then attend classes 2-3 months beforehand. That way, you will have room for tweaking and customizing the choreography according to your needs.

It’s a Wrap!

Music, dance style, and timing are the holy trinity of the first dance. Understanding the wedding dance basics allows you to make an informed decision about what you’d like to do at the reception.

Do you want to know more?
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