How to Convince Your Partner to Take Wedding Dance Lessons?

photo of a bride and groom dancing

Can’t figure out how to convince your partner to take wedding dance lessons?
Well, you are not alone.
Many engaged couples experience reluctance from the other side. Typically the brides want a fairytale waltz for their first dance, but their partners shrug at the idea. Or, the grooms would like to uphold the tradition, but their partner-to-be is too shy.
Luckily, we have a step-by-step guide to turn the odds in your favor.
Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Break the Ice

Your first task is to broach the subject.
You can slip it into a casual conversation about deciding a playlist for the wedding. It is a not-too-obvious hint that gets the ball rolling.
After that, you may discuss their idea of a perfect first dance. Have an open discussion on why they are hesitant to dance. Suggest taking private couple dance lessons to ease their tension and make them feel comfortable.
Alternatively, you can take an introductory class before making further commitments. There is a chance that they would like it enough to attend future classes.

Step 2: Bribe & Bargain

Wedding planning is often a bride-led endeavor.
If that is the case, you can recommend a trade-off to get them on board. The idea is to agree to do something they want in return for the wedding dance lessons. It could be anything from the style of the cake, guest list, to the wedding registry.
You can also agree to switch things up by mashing their favorite song into the dance routine. For instance, you can begin with a dreamy waltz and then dance to an upbeat track of their choice. The possibilities are endless when you know their weakness.
As a result, you turn your potential defeat into a win-win situation.

Step 3: Dancing Towards a Happily Ever After

Is wedding planning taking a toll on your fiancée?
Wedding dance lessons are an excellent opportunity to relax and rekindle the romance. Highlight these plus points as a final push. You can also list the physical and mental health benefits of dancing.
Additionally, you can present spending some quality time together as a treat. Tell them to consider it as a refuge amidst the chaos of the upcoming event.

Parting Words

In the end, convincing an unwilling other half is challenging. If our ploys of persuasion don’t win them over, you can set a date at our studio as a final push. They might enjoy the experience and realize that wedding dance classes are better than they imagined.

So are you ready to dance? Book your first wedding dance lesson to begin. Get in touch with us today! Let’s begin!

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