3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Your Wedding Dance Lessons ASAP!

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Planning a wedding in a post-COVID world is not easy. Couples are already reshuffling schedules and making adjustments to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t dampen their big day. Yet, amidst the chaos, don’t forget to reserve a slot for wedding dance lessons.

When scheduling your first dance lessons, take ‘’the sooner, the better” route. That way, you can spend quality time with each other and learn some impressive moves along the way.
Here are all the reasons why you should book wedding dance lessons right now:

Perfect Your Dance Moves

Generally, it takes three to six weeks to teach couples basic steps. The first few classes cover general style and easy instructions for you. These include learning how to twirl and dip without bumping into each other.
More importantly, you need to adopt a sophisticated mature dancing style instead of replicating your prom moves. All this requires time, more so if you want personalized choreography to add uniqueness.

Therefore, we recommend booking wedding dance classes 1-3 months before the wedding. If you expect a tight schedule, you may start earlier to ensure that you have time to practice your move before the wedding.

More Time for Romance

Did you have to maintain a social distance with your beau?
The pandemic caused many couples to rely on Zoom chats and virtual dating to get through quarantine. With many lockdown rules easing up, you can change pace by reuniting with them.
You might even consider moving together (if you hadn’t before) to prevent distances.

Our wedding dance lessons are an excellent way to rejoice and spend quality time with your partner. The intimate setting and slow music serve as the ideal place for weekly date nights. You also learn more about the other person by venturing into this new territory.
Plus, ballroom dancing itself becomes a way to express your love after months of separation.

Shake Off the Wedding Jitters

In our experience, as the weeks leading to the wedding get closer, you might feel more nervous. Sour mood and worried minds are a recipe for disaster on the dance floor. Adding to this is the pressure to nail the first dance.

All this can become overwhelming for anyone, and it translates into the way you move.

Alternatively, scheduling wedding dance lessons months before the wedding allows you to avoid this fate. It gives you ample time to practice and learn. Also, ballroom dancing allows you to unwind and de-stress together after spending hours ticking off tiresome tasks form the wedding planning list.

Final Words

Overall, booking wedding dance lessons beforehand is highly beneficial for modern couples. It gives them a space to reconnect and fall in love all over again. Adding to this is the opportunity to prepare for a wow-worthy performance.

Are you ready to take our wedding dance class yet? We are opening doors to welcome couples. Get in touch with us today! Let’s begin!

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