Light Up Your Wedding With a Foxtrot Dance

ballroom dancing at your wedding

A Foxtrot dance is elegant, smooth, and super-romantic. And, what better occasion to try it out than on your big day? Here we give you three convincing reasons to take professional classes and light up the dance floor!

Now you can enjoy the thrill by planning a dance number on your wedding day. Feel your partner’s soft touch as you both lead each other with smooth and elegant transitions. In contrast to a slow Waltz, Foxtrot has a unique spark and magic that your guests will absolutely love!
Here are all the reasons why you should try Foxtrot dance at your wedding!

1. Turn Your Wedding into a Picture-Perfect Moment

Open the event with an exciting Foxtrot as your first dance. As a married couple who has just vowed to love each other for life, your wedding is the perfect time for a romantic couple’s dance. You could even go a step further and plan this dance as a surprise segment for your guests.
Choose a romantic, flirtatious song like “A Wink and a Smile” or something slow and lovey-dovey like “Sweet Charity” for your wedding dance. Choose a symbolic song that resonates with the both of you. This is your time and you need to make each and every moment of the wedding night count!

2. Ballroom Dancing Is a Time-Honored Tradition

Ballroom dancing is a beautiful celebration of a romantic union. If you want to keep things classy and traditional at the wedding, you should definitely consider a Foxtrot. The first dance is the most important segment of the night and you need to celebrate with your loved ones. So, bring back the classy and time-honored tradition of ballroom dancing and light up your wedding with some Foxtrot!

3. You Can Learn from a Professional

Sure, Foxtrot isn’t easy, which is why your wedding is the perfect excuse to take dance classes from a professional. You can use these skills for a future performance or at a loved one’s wedding. Taking classes is a gesture of love between you and your partner because it shows that both of you are working together to pull off an impressive performance at the wedding! Once the training is over, you’ll be immensely excited to show your performance to your loved ones!

If you’re looking for professional classes for ballroom dancing, check out our dance studio where you and your partner can brush up on your foxtrot dancing skills and make your wedding all the more magical! Get in touch with us today to get moving with professional trainers.

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