Top 3 Tips for an Unforgettable First Dance on Your Big Day

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Nervous about your first dance? Here are 3 ways to make the first dance the most memorable and magical moment on your big day

The first dance is supposed to be the most magical and memorable dance of your life. As a time-honored tradition, your first dance will symbolize many beautiful things. Not only is it the official opening of the dancing ceremony at the wedding, but it’s also a gesture of love and union between you and your beloved.
If you’re big on celebrating love, you should definitely make special preparations for your first dance. Unfortunately, not everyone is a professional dancer. It takes lots of guts, poise, confidence, and of course, dancing skills to nail the performance.
However, don’t worry. Here are the best 3 tips to take home that will help you to look forward to this grand affair on your big day!

1. If You Want to Be Perfect, Start Practicing

If you want to put up a stunning performance, you need to start practicing for it. As a union of two souls, your wedding is an incredibly special occasion. There will be many guests that are extremely dear to you. So, it only makes sense that their presence is honored with a perfectly executed first dance.
Keep track of the wedding date and get on your practice lessons a week or two before the big day. If you truly want to nail it, you should definitely take professional ballroom dancing lessons. With the guidance of a professional mentor, both you and your partner can train to put up a spectacular performance!

2. Select a Song that’s Special to You

The next big advice is to choose a song that’s dear to you. When you slowly waltz to your favorite song, the experience will be all the more enjoyable. There will be a sense of familiarity and belonging when you perform the number with your partner. Make sure it’s a slow, romantic, and sweet song that both you and your partner love.

3. Plan a Proper Exit and Entrance on the Dance Floor

Add a personal touch to your first dance by planning out the entrance and exit. Think about how you want to begin the performance. Do you want to walk together with your partner or would you like to meet in the middle? These little details can really add spark and magic to the first dance.

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