3 Popular Ballroom Dance Styles You Must Try At Your Wedding!

ballroom dancing for wedding

Ballroom Dancing is the best way to amp things up at your Wedding. Here are 3 popular and super-romantic dance styles to try with your beau as you tie the knot on the big day!

Ballroom Dancing is an umbrella term for many graceful dance styles like Waltz, Foxtrot, and Rumba. These are usually the more ‘romantic’ styles, which are perfect to try with your lover. They’re slow and passionate with every step turning into a gesture of love.
There’s nothing like drifting off to a dreamy place as you sway and spin with your beloved. And, there isn’t a better occasion to try ballroom dancing than your own wedding. Make beautiful memories as you dance the night away with your partner, friends, and family.
Here are 3 popular ballroom dance styles that both you and your beau can easily learn before the big day!

1. A Slow and Romantic Waltz

Waltz is one of the most graceful and beautiful dance styles. It is tailor-made for a wedding occasion as you can enjoy your first dance as a waltz. Waltz usually comprises a series of six steps with each measure performed in 3 beats.
If this sounds confusing, you can always hire a dance teacher prior to the wedding to brush up your skills. Waltz is a timeless dance style, which can also prepare you for other advanced dance steps as well!

2. Foxtrot

Foxtrot is a bit faster but super-easy dance style for beginners. This one alternates between walking steps and side steps. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate an electrifying wedding night. You can also invite other couples to join in the fun.
Foxtrot is a smooth and suave dance with continuous, flowing movements. It offers a fun combination of slow and quick dance steps that you can enjoy with a parent, sibling, best friend, or second half at your wedding!

3. Rumba

Rumba is the perfect dance style for taking things up a notch. This thrilling Latin dance is often noted as “the dance of love”. Popular, romantic, and super-fun, rumba beautifully pairs elegant hip motions with quick steps. It is extremely simple to learn and super-catchy when performed in front of a crowd.
Surprise your guests with a rumba dance with your lover and watch as everyone gets up to cheer for you!

Make the ballroom dream come true by learning how to dance in a professional dance studio.
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