Awesome Ballroom Dance Ideas For A Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding

How can you incorporate ballroom dancing in your beautiful spring wedding? Check out these cool ideas that celebrate Spring and your upcoming nuptials!

Spring is all about new beginnings and rebirth. It’s all about growth and love, and the spirit of the season sings with festivities. If your spring wedding is coming up and you are looking to shake things up, here are some uber-cool ways to celebrate your marriage with ballroom dancing!

The Newlyweds’ Dance

Perform your first dance with your beau as a ballroom dance! Graceful, beautiful and definitely a lovely moment, you’ll cherish the intimate dance for decades to come. Have a spotlight aimed at the outdoor dance floor while you and your partner sway into your new life together.

A Group Dance

Ballroom dance is a beautiful way to celebrate the love – the theme of the night! Arrange for a group of friends to get together as couples and perform a ballroom dance! Seeing many couples moving in time to the music will truly be a sight to behold.

Parent-Child Dance

A modern twist on the traditional father-daughter dance, the newlyweds can also perform sweet ballroom dances with their parents to honor the bond of love and life. It makes for a sweet moment and is definitely a dance you’ll cherish forever.

Kiddie Ballroom Dance

Gather all your little nieces, nephews and toddlers for a little ballroom performance. It’s an uber cute sight to see the flower girl and ring bearer sway to old music while mom and dad prompt them to move left or right – and it provides quite a laugh, too!

Hire Performers

You could also be a little extra on your special day and hire a dance troupe or professional dancer to perform your favorite ballroom dance. It’s great entertainment for the guests and is a beautiful sight to behold. Besides, it’s a great idea if you and your beau aren’t up for dancing yourselves!

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