Father-Daughter Dance: Ballroom Style!

Father and Daughter dance

Still haven’t decided what you and your dad will dance to on your wedding day? We’ve got a great idea for your father-daughter dance for your big day – a special bond deserves a special dance, after all
Is your big day coming up soon?

Are you waiting to decide what dance to pick for your father-daughter dance?

We’ve got the answer: Ballroom Dancing!

Celebrate your big day by dancing to your father-daughter dance ballroom style! A sweet, intimate and lovely style of dance, ballroom dancing has been brides’ first choice for their wedding! And what better way to share your happiness with your sweet dad than through the gift of dance?

He’ll Appreciate the Gesture

Give your dad thanks on your wedding day by picking his favorite ballroom dance. Choose from the elegant Waltz to the fun Rumba and celebrate the big day with your number one fan.
He’ll love the gesture of you two dancing to his favorite song and style and it’ll make a great memory the two of you will cherish forever!

Take a Class Together

A great way to ace your ballroom dancing game at the father-daughter dance is to take a few sessions of ballroom dancing and get familiar with the steps.
The bonus is that you and your dad get to spend quality time together doing something fun and exciting.

Choose a Song Together

Scour through your dad’s old records with him and pick a song to perform your ballroom dance to. It’ll be even more special to share the father daughter dance to a song the two of you love listening to together.
Practice the steps to the song to be pros on the dance floor and to wow everyone with your teamwork!

It’s a Special Moment

The father and daughter dance is a super special moment and deserves to be treated as such. Sure, you both like to freestyle in the living room to old Elvis Presley, but honor the wedding father-daughter dance with a dance that enacts your bond.

You’ll carry the special moment with you for a long, long time. Nothing beats sharing a sweet moment with your old pops.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate your special day with your special old man with style, elegance and grace!

Check out our dance studio where you and your dad can learn about the wonderful world of ballroom dancing!

Get in touch with us today to get moving with professional trainers to ace your father-daughter dance!

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