Picking The Perfect Dance Style For The Wedding Dance


How can couples pick the perfect dance style to perform for their wedding dance?
How do you pick the perfect dance for your wedding?
If you’re wondering what dance style to pick for your first dance, we’ve got a quick guide to help you decide!
The first dance is a great moment shared by the newlyweds and their loved ones – it’s a moment of love, celebration and tons of happiness. So how do you pick the perfect dance style for the wedding dance? Read on for the great guide!

Consider Your Love Story

A great way to figure out the dance style of your first dance is to consider the journey you and your beau have been through. How did the romance begin? How would you describe your love story?

Depending on how you both feel about it, you’ll be able to find a dance style that’s very descriptive of the two of you!

Consider The Wedding Theme

A wedding dance is the highlight of the night; you definitely don’t want it to clash with the wedding theme!

Honor the ethereal and beautiful décor of your special day by picking a dance style that compliments the elegance of the event and adds a touch of magic!

Consider Elegant Dance Styles

Sure you and your beau must be excellent break dancers, but is it really something that spells romance? Now, the old dances, like the Waltz, Tango or even Foxtrot, these sound good!

Celebrate your union with a dance style that celebrates the beauty of married life and looks stunning when performed in all your wedding get up.

Consider a Slow Dance

A slow dance is one of the most serene performances to be seen. Specially as a first dance, consider performing to a sweet and slow Waltz.

Slow dances are intimate and that’s what makes then special, you and your beau get to relish in the happiness of being joined in holy matrimony.

Consider a Dance That Celebrates The Two Of You

And most importantly, pick a dance style that celebrates the two of you! Tying the knot is a pretty big deal and a happy occasion, so treat it like that.

After all, your wedding dance is a special moment that’s primarily shared by the two love birds!

Celebrate married life with the gift of dance!

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