Why Is Ballroom Dancing The Popular Wedding Dance Choice?

Couples Choosing Ballroom Dancing Over Other Dance Styles

Wondering why millennial couples are opting for the old fashioned ballroom dance instead of a modern rendition?
Recent trends show that most couples choose to take the old fashioned route when it comes to their first dance as a newly
married couple. Here’s why!
Most of them opt for the old ballroom dance; beautiful, elegant and full of sweetness, it’s becoming a popular choice amongst millennial couples and here’s why!

It’s Beautiful

Have you ever seen a ballroom dance? It’s a mesmerizing sight – the swaying couple, gentle movements and sensual music are perfect for a night of celebration and love. And not to mention the stunning clothes!
Besides, who can deny the beauty of old dances? There’s a reason they’re considered timeless!

It’s Intimate

Ballroom dancing is an intimate form of dance. The couple moves together and compliments one another’s move – you won’t find that in freestyle or break dancing now, will you? As a wedding dance, ballroom dancing is the perfect choice.
It’s a beautiful way of expressing your relationship to your loved ones!

It’s Fun Learning It

Couples who dance together, stay together! Couples are eagerly taking ballroom dance classes a few weeks before their wedding day and having tons of fun while at it.
You learn to move together, work with each others’ weaknesses and strengths, and it’s a lovely way to grow closer as partners.

It’s A Skill For Life

Once you learn ballroom dancing, you won’t ever stop! You and your partner will love performing the dance, and it’s definitely a great skill to have!
In fact, couples who dance together can always find entertainment and amusement when together!

It’s A Great Way To Work Out Together

Your ballroom dance classes are quite a workout! In fact, partners that don’t have the time to work out before the wedding opt for ballroom dance classes to learn their first wedding dance and get some exercise.
It’s a great way to tone your body, increase flexibility and have fun. Besides, you’ll make some cute memories together!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our dance studio where you and your partner can become pros at your wedding dance performance – and make memories while at it!
Are you excited to begin your life together with the gift of ballroom dancing? Get in touch with us today!

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