3 Things To Know About The Wedding Dance

Wedding dance

The first wedding dance will be the sweetest moment you’ll share with your partner.
It’s absolutely incomparable – being close to each other and drunk on feelings of love, excitement and joy, it’s a completely new experience!
What are the three most important things all couples must know about the wedding dance? Click here to find out!Unfortunately, many couples tend to freak out as the wedding day approaches. You see, the wedding dance is a big deal, but it’s not the performance that determines your success as a couple.
Anyway. To all the soon-to-be-wed people, here are 3 things to know about the wedding dance to make it a piece of cake!

1. It’s Important to Sort Out the Technicalities

To make the first dance a treat for you and your partner, it’s important you sort out the technicalities. For example, the following are some things you both should decide on mutually:

    • Music genre and song choice
    • The floor and dancing area
    • Lighting, confetti and other creativities
    • The band or DJ
    • The entrance and exit of the dance
    • The dance style

Having these things in order will make your wedding dance an uber smooth experience.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

It’s essential that you and your partner take out time from your busy schedules and wedding preparation to practice some dance moves and see which styles work for you.
By spending time together, not only are you making memories, but you’re also seeing how your dancing abilities complement one another to create the perfect number for the wedding dance!

3. Prioritize Comfort

Practice your wedding dance in your wedding shoes and see if you’re good to go with them. Many couples actually bring an alternate pair of shoes or a change of wardrobe to accent their first dance!
The whole idea is to be able to dance comfortably with your partner. After all, if your toes are getting pinched inside your very expensive shoes, you won’t have fun, will you?

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