Wedding Dance Tips: How to Do It Right

wedding dance couple

Nervous about your first dance as a married couple?
Don’t have enough time to practice together?
Don’t worry! Your wedding is a day of celebration and fun – and many congratulations on beginning your journey into your happily ever after!
So what are the wedding dance tips the pros want new coupes to know?


First and foremost, relax! This is going to be fun! Your first dance as a couple is a beautiful moment you and your partner will share with each other.
So take a deep breath, smile and sway away in the arms of the one you love.

Plan The Music

Before the wedding, make sure you and your partner agree on a selection of music that you both enjoy.
One of the most important wedding dance tips is to dance to a song that puts you both in great spirits and excites you!

Be Comfortable

The most important part of dancing is your feet. So if your shoes are too tight, you may want to bring along another pair to comfortably and successfully get through your first wedding dance.
Besides, comfortable shoes are especially important if you want to avoid achy feet and blisters.

Be Creative!

If you and your partner are not feeling the whole slow-dance vibe, get creative!
Whether you’re into salsa or even break dancing, figure out a dance style you both love and practice away! Your guests will love the non-traditional take on the first wedding dance!

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to put up a performance of a lifetime.
All that matters is you and your partner and your first intimate moment as a couple. In other words, keep it simple and special.

Have Fun

And most importantly, have fun!
Share some laughs or crack some jokes to quell each other’s nervousness. Your first wedding dance is a beautiful moment, so make it yours.

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